Friday, August 27, 2010

New Artz!

Visit my deviantArt for more. :3


Bleh I've had this weird compulsion to write all day, I mean I've started what 3 other blogs! What is this? MADNESS!
I suppose it's a result of my having nothing else to do in my day.
I'm not working or anything at the moment so I've got time...

Gaming, reading, writing, lazing... they can only take up so much time in my day! D:

So now I take up the challenge of blogging. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

I'm watching LOTR 3 extended version now though so I should be paying attention to that.

BLAAAARGH. *frolics into Mordor*
[my current setup~ manga/books/games/xbawx/etc.]

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whats up?

Music: Hiiro no Fūsha (Moulin Rouge/Scarlet Windmill) / 緋色の風車 by Sound Horizon
Playing: Oblivion (PC)
Drinking: MILO!!!!! <3

So I've just uninstalled my Oblivion because it was so modded that it would crash on startup. xD!! Gonna stick to some basic mods now I think.. hahaha.